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What is Convex Finance?

Convex finance is a financial platform that is focused on two types of players in Curve(CRV), liquidity providers and stakers. Convex finance allows liquidity providers to earn trading fees without having to lock CRV. For stakers, Convex reward them with boosted CRV as well as trading fees received by liquidity providers. 

There are two tokens in Convex finance, the tokenised veCRV (cvxCRV) and the Convex token (CVX). The cvxCRV is minted 1:1 for each locked CRV in the Convex Finance platform, and is given to users who stake their CRV into the platform. The CVX on the other hand, is the native token for Convex Finance. It will be used to reward liquidity provider as well as stakers. CRV will become a governance token in the future for voting and gauging weight. There are a maximum supply of 100 million CRV with 50 percent of the supply rewarded to Curve liquidity provider.

Convex Finance Highlights

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