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An Ethereum Interoperable Elastic Blockchain Network

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What is SKALE Network?

SKALE network is an expandable multichain blockchain network on top of the Ethereum network. It features a scalable, secure and decentralised solutions for building dApps on the Ethereum blockchain. The main architecture that powers the SKALE network is the SKALE chains. The SKALE chains are Web3 elastic blockchains that makes Web3 cloud computing easier for dApp developers. The SKALE chains are validated by 16 nodes out of more than 150 nodes which are run by over 45 SKALE Network validators. The SKALE chains differentiate itself from Ethereum blockchain by having gas-free transactions. The SKALE Network will be able to support an unlimited number of chains that are built for Web3 dApp.

The SKALE Token is the token used within the SKALE network to incentivise validators, delegators and also as payment for developers. There are a maximum supply of 7 billion tokens, and more than 4 billion are supplied during the network launch. 

SKALE Network Founders

Jack O'Holleran, Konstantin Kladko.

SKALE Network Project Investors ($22.1M)

Arrington XRP Capital, Blockchange Ventures, Winklevoss Capital, Multicoin Capital, Hashed, ConsenSys Ventures, Recruit Holdings, Hashkey, Wavemaker Genesis, Hack VC.

SKALE Network Highlights

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