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What is Akash Network?

Akash Network is an open source cloud that is censorship-resistant, permissionless and self-sovereign. It is design for developers who want to deploy their applications quickly without having to setup, configure or manage any servers. Akash provides a number of products and services such as Akash Deployment Marketplace and Akash Container Platform. Through Akash Network, developers can deploy cloud-native and containerised applications, decentralised projects and serverless apps. All of these costs only about a third of Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure. 

Akash Token or AKT is the token that powers the Akash Network. Its main utility is as governance token where holders can govern the direction of the network. However, AKT is also used to secure the blockchain, incentivise participants, and as a store and exchange of value. There is a maximum supply of around 388 million AKT. 

Akash Network Founders

Adam Bozanich, Greg Osuri.

Akash Network Project Investors ($2.0M)

Digital Asset Capital Management , George Burke, Infinite Capital.


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