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AllianceBlock is Building the World First Globally Compliant Decentralised Capital Market

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What is AllianceBlock?

AllianceBlock is a protocol that brings the traditional financial system into the decentralised finance world. The protocol is a decentralised, blockchain-agnostic layer 2 that bridges both traditional and decentralised finance, and automates the process of converting digital and crypto assets into bankable product. There are four products that AllianceBlock provides: Data Tunnel (oracle), Liquidity Mining, Alliance Bridge (chain-bridge) and DeFi Terminal. Through AllianceBlock, compliant derivative products can be created from almost any traditional and digital assets. At the same time, structured financial products such as derivatives and loans can be created for digital assets that is compliant to the regulatory bodies. 

ALBT is the native token used in AllianceBlock. It has multiple utilities which are as medium of exchange for the services and assets on the platform, staking, token burn (from Protocol layer and from revenue), network fees, and as means of reward. ALBT is an ERC20 token, but it also lives in multiple other chains as AllianceBlock is blockchain-agnostic. There is a maximum supply of 1 billion ALBT.

AllianceBlock Founders

Amber Ghaddar, Matthijs de Vries, Rachid Ajaja.

AllianceBlock Highlights

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