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What is Ankr?

ANKR is a Web 3.0 infrastructure provider and makes accessing Web 3.0 easy. ANKR offers access to not just one, but more than forty blockchains through a globally distributed network of nodes for multi-chain access. The vision underlined by ANKR is to have the crypto economy accessible to anyone and everyone on the planet with access to internet. To achieve this, ANKR works toward this vision by three ways which are users & community first by design, removing complexity and building an inclusive Web 3.0 blockchain infrastructure.

There are three key principles for ANKR namely chain neutrality, decentralisation and web 3.0. ANKR does not prioritise any single blockchain over another, rather ANKR built tools to enable cross-chain interoperability. To achieve decentralisation, ANKR built an open-source cloud called distributed cloud computing network or DCCN. This provides the necessary resources to support dapp, protocols and smart contracts. 

The ANKR Token is the native currency and governance token within the ANKR network. There is no inflation built into the ANKR tokenomics and there is a fixed supply of 10 billion tokens in circulation. The purpose of the token is to access ANKR service, rewards for network participants and as a governance token to decide the future of the network.

Ankr Founders


Ankr Project Investors ($27.3M)

NEO Global Capital (NGC), DHVC, Pantera Capital, JD Capital, BlockVC, Mapleblock Capital, Link VC, OK Blockchain Capital, Ryan Fang.

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