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What is Aragon?

Aragon is an open-source decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) infrastructure. Aragon allows developers, enterprise and anyone interested in building decentralised governance to build their own DAO with ease through Aragon plug-ins. Aragon provides multiple solutions for DAO which are Aragon Client, Aragon Govern, Aragon Voice, Aragon Court and Vocdoni. 

ANT is the native token in the Aragon Network. Currently, there are two main utility for this token: to back the supply of ANJ token used in Aragon Court and for voting on proposals in the Community Funding DAO. In the future, ANT holders will have control over Aragon Network. There is a maximum total supply of 39.6 million ANT.

Aragon Founders

Jorge Izquierdo, Luis Cuende.

Aragon Project Investors

Boost VC.

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Signals (Beta):  [Crash Level 0]  [Sharpe Ratio 0.14]