A Global Digital Asset Trading Platform

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What is ASD?

AscendEX or originally known as BitMax is an innovative digital asset trading platform. It provides a number of useful features such as transparency in transactions, high-performance design that is able to handle 400 thousand transactions per second, security through firewalls and cold wallets, adequate market liquidity for seamless trading experience, large lists of trading products, multi-lingual support and customer support. AscendEX can be downloaded in both Android and iOS.

ASD is the native utility token user in AscendEX. Its utilities are similar to a loyalty or reward system. ASD token holders are entitled to lower trading fees and upgrading their trading account to VIP status. ASD is an ERC-20 token with a supply of around 700 million token. 


Signals (Beta):  [Crash Level 0]  [Sharpe Ratio 0]