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What is Audius?

Audius is a decentralised music streaming protocol built on a public blockchain network and other decentralised technologies. Audius addresses the problem faced by content artists such as royalty payment, music distribution and the music performance over various digital media. In order to solve these problems, Audius platform introduced a decentralised digital storage and ledger for storing audio and metadata. Content artists can then share their musics directly with fans and the complexity of the payment process is significantly reduced. AUDIO token has three main functionality within the Audius ecosysyem. The first is to secure the network by staking. Second is to provide unique feature access for artists to provide to their fans and third, the token is used for governance weightage. Governance power are given to those who stake their tokens into the network together with being active in the ecosystem.

Audius Project Investors ($8.6M)

Blockchange Ventures, Multicoin Capital, Lightspeed Ventures Partners, General Catalyst, Coinbase Ventures, Pantera Capital, 122WEST VENTURES, Ascolta Ventures, Kleiner Perkins.

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