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Pokemon-inspired universe where anyone can earn tokens through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem

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What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a Pokemon-like blockchain that reward its player just by playing the game. Users can battle, breed, collects and farm their token to gain reward. In Axie Infinity is partially owned and operated by their holders. Axie is a non-fungible token (NFT) with different characteristic. Axie Infinity improves scalability by building a layer-2 sidechain called Ronin. Ronin helps users by increasing the transaction speed and lowering gas fees.

There are two token used in the Axie Infinity ecosystem, AXS and SLP. AXS is the cryptocurrency for Axie Infinity ecosystem. It is a governance token which allows holders to make decision for future development, while SLP is used as reward for users when they play the game.

Axie Infinity Project Investors ($9.0M)

Libertus Capital, Animoca Brands, 500 Startups Vietnam, Collaborative Fund, Alexis Ohanian, Mark Cuban, Pangea Blockchain Fund, Hashed, ConsenSys.

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