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Worlds First Blockchain Middleware that Enables Multichain Technology

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What is Bifrost?

BiFrost is a multichain middleware that enables seamless and simultaneous connections between different blockchain protocols. This provides an advantage over a single blockchain protocol since developers will be able to combine different blockchain protocols to build scalable and flexible dApps on a new blockchain ecosystem. BiFrost is different than many other inter-chain solutions since it operates at smart contract levels rather than bridging different blockchain networks. Therefore, BiFrost does not face the issue of consensus algorithm which may affect dApp developments. 

BFC is the native currency within the BiFrost ecosystem. Developers will have to pay in BFC to use the Bifrost multichain middleware to develop their dApps. Developers may stake their BFC to use the middleware and those BFC will be taken for the service provided by the middleware. Users may also earn BFC through BFC Bot, an Airdrop Telegram Chatbot that aims to grow and keep the crypto communities active. There is a total of 4 billion BFC issued. 

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