Worlds largest decentralised autonomous organisation

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What is BitDAO?

BitDAO is one of the world largest decentralised autonomous organisation. BitDAO acts as a treasury governed by BIT holders. The aim of BitDAO is to support wide range of projects including DeFi, DAOs, NFT, gaming and other blockchain technologies. There will be three forms of support which are research and development, liquidity boot strapping and funding. BitDAO partners which include Peter Thiel, Founders Fund and Bybit will establish R&D centres to develop BitDAO core protocol. Since BitDAO controls a large wealth of assets, it can provide liquidity to partner protocols. BitDAO may also provide funding to emerging blockchain technologies through grants or token swap. The BIT token will act as a governance token where holders have the rights to vote new projects or protocols, and at the same time the token can be used for funding new projects.

BitDAO Project Investors ($230.0M)

Peter Thiel, Founders Fund, Dragonfly Capital, Pantera Capital.

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