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An asset that rewards stakers with Bitcoin corresponding to the mining power staked

5.35 -4.97%

What is Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token?

Standard Hashrate is a bitcoin mining solutions for new participants to enter into the bitcoin mining world. Current bitcoin mining operations are expensive, and newcomers have to think twice before entering the market. This is due to high cost of mining equipment, as well as the need to hold into those equipment for years since there are no other uses except bitcoin mining. Standard Hashrate solves this problem through its Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token (BTCST) which is by 0.1 terahash per second (TH/s) of bitcoin mining power. Through staking BTCST, stakers will receive BTC rewards as if they were mining BTC. BTCST therefore enables anyone to participate in the actual bitcoin mining with actual exposure into the market. Such exposure into the mining market can be profitable if regulations on BTC mining drops the global hashrate as has been done in China. 

Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token Highlights


Signals (Beta):  [Crash Level 2]  [Sharpe Ratio -0.0]