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Push Blockchain to Mainstream with Layer-2 Scaling Technology

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What is Celer Network?

Celer Network is a layer-2 scaling platform that enables fast, secure and private off-chain transactions and executions of smart contracts. Celer provides many layer-2 solutions to various blockchains including state channels, sidechains and optimistic rollups. This will enable many applications to be built on the platform without sacrificing security, speed and gas fees. To solve the availability problem in off-chain state channel, Celer introduce its own State Guardian Network.

Celer Token (CELR) is the utility token that is used to participate in the State Guardian Network. Validators and delegators get rewarded for contributing into the network, and penalised for not maintaining it. It is also used for applications that use the Celer platform. There is a maximum supply of 10 billion CELR token. 

Celer Network Founders

Junda Liu, Mo Dong, Qingkai Liang, Xiaozhou Li.

Celer Network Project Investors ($6.1M)

IOSG Ventures, Papership Capital, Elysium Venture Capital, BlockVC, Consensus Lab, Chain Capital, MW Partners Group.

Celer Network Highlights

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