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What is Conflux?

Conflux is a public blockchain that is both secure and reliable and has very high performance and scalability. Conflux managed to solve the scalability trilemma as it has the same level as Bitcoin and Ethereum in terms of decentralisation and security, but at the same time is scalable with two orders of magnitude higher in transaction throughput and finality latency. This is done through Tree-Graph architecture in the blockchain, and Greedy-Heaviest-Adaptive-SubTree (GHAST) consensus algorithm. Conflux is compatible with Ethereums Solidity.

CFX is the native currency in the Conflux network. CFX has multiple utilities such as transaction fees and to store collateral. As transactions are executed by miners, they are incentivised for their work in CFX. In addition, if the execution takes up storage space, a portion of the CFX will be used for the storage space. The initial number of token is 5 billion where mostly are locked up and subsequent tokens are produced through mining.

Conflux Project Investors ($5.0M)

Shanghao Science and Technology Committee.


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