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What is SwissBorg?

SwissBorg is an investment mobile app that enables user to invest in cryptocurrencies using fiat money. The application delivers unique features compared to wallets, CEXes and DEXes. Users does not need to sign up for multiple exchanges to buy the same cryptocurrency, rather SwissBorg connects users to multiple exchanges and executes the best orders. In addition, SwissBorg enables users to earn from DeFi projects such as Aave and Compound. Users can also earn when they hold CHSB token, which will be reflected based on the performance of SwissBorg.

CHSB Token is the utility token on SwissBorg platform. There is a circulating supply of around 700 million CHSB token. The main utility of the token is for SwissBorg Yield Program. Users who stake their CHSB token are granted premium membership, higher yield and lower transaction fees on exchanges. To increase scarcity, 20 percent of the transaction fees will be used to buy back CHSB token on secondary market and burn them. 

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SwissBorg Project Investors ($52.4M)

Dennis Liu.

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