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Universal Layer-1 for All Blockchains

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What is Nervos Network?

Nervos Network is a blockchain network that offers a solution for universal app where developers can build dApps that can interoperate between different blockchains. The Nervos Blockchain is built using NC-MAX consensus mechanism which is based on Proof of Work, which increases the transaction throughput in the network. Nervos Network also provides layer-2 scaling solutions such as payment channels and state channels. 

The native token for Nervos Network is CKB or also known as CKByte. There are three main fees in the network; cycles (computaion), transaction fees(security) and state rent(storage). CKByte also entitle the holder to utilise storage in Nervos. One CKByte can be exchange with one byte of data storage. There is a hard cap of 33.6 billion CKBytes to be mined. Approximately every four years, the mining reward will be halved. After all CKBytes have been mined, there will be an inflationary tokenomics model where 1.344 billion CKBytes will be released for miners, Nervos DAO and Nervos Treasury.

Nervos Network Founders

Cipher Wang, Daniel Lv, Jan Xie, Kevin Wang, Terry Tai.

Nervos Network Project Investors ($128.0M)

Dragonfly Capital Partners, Evernew Capital, Coefficient Ventures, Access Ventures, Hashkey, Fundamental Labs, IOSG Ventures, Polychain, Wanxiang Blockchain, Kindred Ventures.

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