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What is Crypto.com Coin?

Crypto.com is a financial and trading company that was founded in 2016. Its network, the Crypto.com Chain, is a high-performing, decentralized, open-source blockchain that built to enables transaction to be made securely, cost-efficient and easily between customers and merchants. It is regarded as the backbone for Crypto.com Pay.

CRO is the native cryptocurrency for Crypto.com. It is an ERC-20 token, however is moving towards becoming its own token using Tendermint BFT mechanism. CRO has a limited supply of 30 billion coins. It offers utilities across the network, which are; 

  1. Payment: Crypto.com Pay and Visa
  2. Trading: Crypto.com App and Exchange
  3. Financial Services: DeFi Offerings, Crypto Earn and Crypto Credit

Crypto.com Coin Founders

Kris_HK, bobbybaocrypto.

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