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What is Cartesi?

Cartesi is a layer-2 solutions for developers to deploy decentralised applications (dApp). Cartesi provides both on-chain and off-chain components for its services. Decentralised applications today that run on smart contracts face problems in terms of computation times and transaction costs. Cartesi solve these problems by running dApps on Cartesi Machines, which ran off-chain. Therefore, dApps will be able to process virtually unlimited amount of data. The unique selling point of Cartesi is that it allows dApps to run on Linux and is verifiable on the blockchain. 

CTSI is the utility token in the Cartesi network. It is used to incentivise Cartesi Node operators that maintain the Cartesi network and ensure that they behave honestly. Users will need to pay CTSI for storing their data on Cartesi dApps. There was an initial supply of 1 billion CTSI, however new CTSI will be minted to incentivise new Worker Nodes. 

Cartesi Founders

Augusto Teixeira, Colin Steil, Diego Nehab, Erick de Moura, Marco Mirabella.

Cartesi Project Investors ($0.75M)

FBG Capital, Taiwan Startup Stadium, Chinaccelerator, SOSV, ICONIUM, Artesian VC, Bigbang Angels, Serguei Popov.


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