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What is Civic?

Civic is an on-chain identity verification services that enables dApp, liquidity providers and businesses to vet their users. This enables those services to be used by verified users according to the KYC or liveness criteria. The identity screenings are done through Civic Pass which is an on-chain structure that represents the compliancy of wallet owners to the rules set by the developers. 

CVC is the transactional token used in Civic. It is used as a form of settlement between participants and identity-related transaction in the Civic Ecosystem. Validators and are paid with CVC as well as for users, who are rewarded for sharing their information. There is a maximum supply of 1 billion CVC token, with no new mechanism of generating new CVC.

Civic Founders

Jonathan Smith, Vinny Lingham.

Civic Project Investors ($35.8M)

Plug and Play Tech Center, Genesis One Capital, Tally Capital, Henok Tekle, Blockchain Capital, Henry Rouquairol, Dalma Capital, Chris Hitchen.


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