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A Technology Ecosystem that Bridges Real-World Businesses with Crypto Economies

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What is Constellation?

Constellation is a blockchain-based framework that solves the existing issues plaguing the current blockchain systems. These issues include speed, scalability and economic incentives, which sway businesses from implementing blockchains into their systems. Constellation solves this problem through its innovative Constellation L_0 state channel standard which allows flexibilities to businesses while using the Constellation network. The blockchain network that powers Constellation is called Hypergraph, which provides speed and scalability for its users, while utilising a reward layer to maintain the network. 

The token used in Constellation is the DAG token. Its utilities are as medium of exchange in the data marketplace, as transaction fees in certain mode of transactions, and also as an incentive for maintaining the network. There is a maximum of around 3.7 billion DAG token.

Constellation Founders

Altif Brown, Ben Jorgensen, Benjamin Jorgensen, Brendan Playford, Wyatt Meldman-Floch.


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