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The First CooperativeProtocol for Global Logistics

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What is dKargo?

dKargo is a decentralised and cooperative protocol aimed for the logistics industry. The current logistics industry faces many problems in terms of efficiency, speed, economic incentives and meeting demands. Different players in the industry work for themselves, reducing trust in the network. dKargo aims to solve these problems through blockchain technology. Participants in the system can collaborate together efficiently through a tamper-proof blockchain by sharing the related data in the blockchain. dKargo ensures high efficiency in data management through its AI Route Optimisation. In order to ensure all participants behave for the benefits of everyone, they are incentivised to behave accordingly, and penalised for behaving maliciously. 

DKA is the utility token in dKargo. It has a number of utilities such as being the reward token for participants when they share data. It is also used for staking to participate in the platform, therefore ensuring the integrity of the participants. dKargo offers alternative payment method using DKA, which provides more benefit than using fiat money. DKA is an ERC-20 token with a maximum supply of 5 billion tokens.

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Source: dkargo.io


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