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What is aelf?

Aelf is a decentralised public blockchain that is based on a cloud computing infrastructure. There are three main products in Aelf: aelf mainnet, Oracle and Diversified DeFi protocol. Aelf mainnet is the aelf public blockchain promotes itself as providing unlimited scalability and efficient cross-chain through adding as many server and side-chain as possible. Oracle enables two-way communication between public chains, while its DeFi protocol enables diverse application and developments in DeFi. 

ELF is the main token in the aelf platform. It plays an important role in the platform as it has many utilities that enable the platform to run. These utilities include transaction fees, side-chain index fees, production nodes deposits, voting, and block rewards. There is a maximum supply of 1 billion ELF token. However, there is a burning mechanism through transaction fees and resource purchasing, which would decrease the maximum supply.

aelf Founders

Haobo Ma, Zhuling Chen.

aelf Project Investors ($41.0M)

Fundamental Labs, 8 Decimal Capital, Chain Capital, Hashed, Node Capital, JD Capital.


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