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What is Bonfida?

Bonfida is a blockchain ecosystem built on Solana that offers multiple blockchain-based products. Bonfida prefers Solana over other blockchain due to its unique features that solves many of the problems that plagued other blockchains such as high gas fees and slow transaction time. With the power of Solana blockchain, Bonfida is able to develop multiple products to deliver the best blockchain experience. These products include Name Service where anyone can purchase and trade decentralised domain name based on Solana, Perpetual Swaps, Token Vesting to prevent rug pull projects, Bots for trading strategies and Buy & Burn mechanism. At the same time, Bonfida utilises Serums UI to enable an orderbook-based Decentralised Exchange that is similar to Centralised Exchange UI. 

FIDA is the native token in Bonfida. It has multiple utilities within the Solana blockchain. FIDA is used to access to Bonfida services such as VIP API, Bonfida Bots, Bonfida DEX, Solible listing and consultation services. Meanwhile, FIDA staking will entitle its staker to the following perks: Exclusive API endpoints and lower latency, access to rare Solible markets and advance analytics. FIDA token will be used for a limited governing power on Bonfida such as changing product fees. There is a maximum supply of 1 billion FIDA tokens. 


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