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Decentralised gaming platform where developers develop and sell their games while players play the games and keep in-game items safe on the blockchain

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What is Gala?

Gala Games is a decentralised gaming platform where developers and players get to play their roles. Developers get to develop and sell their games on Gala, while players get to play the games and keep in-game items safe on the blockchain. Gala differentiates itself from other gaming platform by being decentralised thereby game developers and players will have full authority over what they own. For example, in traditional games, banned players will lose all access to in-game purchases while the developers keep all the money. While in Gala, all items(NFTs) are recorded in the blockchain, therefore no one can remove or tamper access of the item from the owner.

GALA is the main utility token in the Gala Games ecosystem. There are two main use-case for GALA; mode of payment and incentives. Players and developers will be able to perform transactions of in-game items, digital goods and other utilities through GALA which will then be recorded in the blockchain. This blockchain is run and maintained by founders node, which are incentivised through GALA. There is a maximum supply of 35 billion GALA.

Gala Founders

Eric Schiermeyer.

Gala Highlights

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