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Scaling cross-chain Ethereum, Binance applications

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What is Harmony?

Harmony is an open, sharding-based blockchain platform that is secure and fully scalable. It aims to be decentralized by providing an open network to its online community. Harmony utilizes secure sharding method, which is unpredictable, unbiased, verifiable and scalable. It runs on Effective Proof-of-Stake (EPoS) consensus, which is reached with a linearly scalable BFT algorithm. Therefore, making it energy efficient, secure, faster with improved scalability. Consensus . Harmony offer secure bridges for Ethereum, Binance and some other chains to conduct cross-chain asset transfers.

ONE is the native token for Harmony network. It is used across the network for staking, rewards, paying fees and voting for governance of the protocol.

Harmony Founders

stse, RongjianLan, nickwh8te, SahilDewan.

Harmony Project Investors ($18.0M)

Digital Asset Capital Management, Hashkey, Consensus Capital Holdings, BCA Fund, UniValues Associates, Lemniscap, AU21 Capital.

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