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A transactional consensus platform comprised of an entirely novel architecture, based on concepts from both DAG and Bitcoin technologies combined

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What is Hathor?

Hathor Network is a proof-of-work-based blockchain that is both scalable and easy to use. It is highly scalable compared to bitcoin as Hathor Network can achieve more than 200 transactions per second without needing any masternodes. In addition, Hathor Network is easy to use for developers as anyone can create their own tokens in less than a minute. Hathor Network is different than other traditional blockchain network as Hathor Network does not charge any fees when sending or receiving tokens. There is a built-in atomic swap that allows different token to be exchanged in the same transaction. For developers, Hathor Network provides Nano Smart Contract that is feeless when executing the contracts. Although proof-of-work has been receiving negative feedbacks from environmentalists, Hathor Network circumvents this issue through Hathor.Green, an initiative to encourage renewable energy practices for Bitcoin mining. 

HTR is the native token for the Hathor Network. Since Hathor Network does not charge transaction fees, HTR is not directly involve in the traditional gas/transaction fees in other blockchains. However, the main utility of HTR is as Digital Real Estate economic model. In this model, any token creators on Hathor Network is required to buy HTR tokens in order to mint their own token. Therefore, if more creators create their tokens, the more buying pressure is on HTR, thus increasing its value. There are no maximum cap for HTR, however it applies a decreasing inflationary model. 

Hathor Founders

Marcelo Salhab Brogliato.

Hathor Highlights

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