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What is Internet Computer?

Internet Computer is a digital tokens that runs on its own protocol called Internet Computer protocol. The protocol allows developers to create applications, websites and other internet services without involving third parties services such as from Facebook or Google. In a simpler term, Internet Computer recreates the internet to be more decentralized.

Internet Computer is the world's first public blockchain that runs at web speed, allowing it to host unlimited amount of smart contracts and store unlimited quantities of data. This is achievable by the Chain-Key Technology, which updates smart contracts for every 1 to 2 seconds. Chain-Key Technology combines plenty of advanced technology breakthroughs, such as Probabilistic Slot Consensus, Advanced Consensus Mechanism, Network Nervous System, etc. 

The native token of Internet Computer is ICP, which acts as a governance token and also can be converted into cycles to power computation. Internet Computer was founded in 2016 by Dominic Williams, who is also the founder of DFINITY Foundation. 

Internet Computer Founders


Internet Computer Project Investors ($166.9M)

Polychain, Village Global, Aspect Ventures, Eterna Capital, Amino Capital, SV Angel, KR1 plc, Scalar Capital, CoinFund, 9Yards Capital.

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