A public blockchain protocol building a hyperconnected future with BTP and xCall service

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What is ICON?

ICON (ICX) is a decentralized aggregator network that allows blockchains of different governances to interoperate without intermediaries. Transactions on the ICON network are verified by a shared ledger, thus, resulting in fees being reduced and unnecessary intermediaries being avoided. ICON runs smart contracts, Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) consensus algorithm and Delegated Proof Of Stake (DPoS). The network is powered by loopchain, a high-performance blockchain that can provide real-time and handles hundreds transactions per second.

ICON Project Investors

NON- fungible Chan, Limitless Crypto Investments, Kenetic, Hashed, 8 Decimal Capital, Eden Block, Crypher Capital, Cardinal Capital, Connect Capital.

ICON Highlights

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