High-Performance Decentralised Exchange

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What is IDEX?

IDEX is a hybrid liquidity decentralised exchange (DEX). It offers the traditional order book from centralised exchanges and also Automated Market Making (AMM) from decentralised exchanges. There are three components in IDEX which are High-performance exchange, hybrid liquidity and smart contract. There are multiple products in IDEX such as liquidity mining, staking and hummingbot. 

IDEX token is the token used in IDEX. It is used for staking to operate a node. Staking node will maintain a real-copy of the IDEX order book and other system data. Stakers earn 50% trading fees as compensation for their effort. IDEX is also used for liquidity mining reward. There is a total supply of 1 billion IDEX with no known maximum supply. 

IDEX Project Investors ($2.5M)

G1 Ventures, Borderless Capital, Gnosis, Collider Ventures.

IDEX Highlights

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