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What is Injective Protocol?

Injective Protocol is a decentralised finance markets. There are five main players in Injective Protocol; Traders, Projects, Validators, Developers and Community. Injective Protocol provides eight unique features on its platform that differentiates itself from other DeFi platforms. These are user-friendly interface, zero gas fees, cross-chain transactions, highly secure, lightning fast trades, unlimited markets, fully decentralised and completely borderless. Even though it provides cross-chain transactions, Injective Protocol itself is built natively on Ethereum network. 

INJ is the native token in the Injective protocol. There are multiple utilities of the INJ token such as staking, governance, trading, transaction fee and collateral. The cross-chain transactions in Injective Protocol enables ERC-20 token to be converted to Cosmos-native token through the Injective Peggy bridge. There is a maximum supply of 100 million INJ, however Injective burns 60% of the trading fee revenue every two weeks thus making INJ deflationary. 

Injective Protocol Founders

Albert Chon, Eric Chen.

Injective Protocol Project Investors ($17.1M)

Binance, BlockTower Capital, QCP Capital, CMS Holdings, Pantera Capital, Cadenza Capital Management, Hashed, Mark Cuban, yield ventures, .

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