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What is IoTeX?

IoTeX Network is a platform that connects real world data to on-chain decentralised applications. It enables the integration between large data from smart devices and applications in a decentralised, ultra-fast, highly-scalable and secure platform. This enables user to own their data from their smart devices rather than relying upon a central authority or device manufacturers to manage their data. IoTeX blockchain is EVM-compatible and fast with instant finality and 5 seconds block time. It is powered by a variant of Proof of Stake called Roll-Delegated Proof of Stake. 

IoTeX is powered by the native IOTX Token. There are four main utilities of IOTX Token; Gas Fees for users and devices, Governance for staking and voting, Burn-to-Certify devices and Stake-to-Service for service providers. There is a maximum supply of 10 Billion IOTX Token. However, there will be gradual burning of 900 Million IOTX Token as more devices are registered on IoTeX. 

IoTeX Project Investors

Hashkey, BlockVC, Founder Friendly Labs, Mukul Agarwal, NEO Global Capital (NGC), IOSG Ventures, Struck Capital Crypto, AU21 Capital, Kenzi Wang, 8 Decimal Capital.

IoTeX Highlights

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