The Next Generation of DeFi on TRON

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What is JUST?

JUST is a DeFi protocol service that provides multiple products for DeFi in TRON ecosystem. These products are JustStable, JustLend and JustCrypto. JustStable is a DeFi protocol that provides JUST stablecoin, USDJ which can be used in DeFi services within TRON ecosystem. JustLend is a lending & borrowing DeFi on TRON where users can lend, borrow and earn interest through DeFi practices. JustCrypto is a bridge that connects TRON-based (TRC-20 and others) cryptocurrencies and tokens with other tokens on other blockchains. Through bridging different blockchain networks on JUST ecosystem, this will bring bigger potential to the rise of its ecosystem. 

JST is the main token in the JUST ecosystem. Its use cases are tied to the DeFi products that JUST provides. When users borrow USDJ from the DeFi protocol, the users are required to lock collaterals into the system. Once users want to redeem the collateral, the debt must be repaid together with stability fee paid in JST. The USDJ stablecoin protocol is also maintained through JST. JST holders have voting powers in JUST governance, and therefore have direct involvements in the DeFi protocols. JST holders is also able to designate specific nodes as trusted oracles. There is a maximum supply of 9.9 billion JST token.  

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