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The world's first blockchain built-in solution for a phygital (physical-digital) future

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What is KardiaChain?

KardiaChain is a decentralised public blockchain with a main aim of solving one of the most puzzling problem in blockchain: fragmentation of the blockchain ecosystem. KardiaChain solves interoperability problem through its Dual Master Nodes technology which provides ledger data of two chains simultaneously. KardiaChain runs on a Byzantine Fault Tolerant-Delegated Proof of Stake (BFT-DPoS) consensus algorithm which ensures the integrity, data consistency and security of the network. In order to run on KardiaChain, developers need to use Kardia Smart Contract Language (KSML).

KAI is the token used in the KardiaChain. Its main purpose is as gas fees when smart contracts are executed on the chain, or when the chain is used by any other means. Validators help secure and validate new blocks. In order to become validators, they are required to stake KAI. Those without the technical ability or facilities may become delegators by staking their KAI to the validators of choice. Both validators and delegators earn staking rewards. There is a maximum of 5 billion KAI token.

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