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What is Kava.io?

Kava chain is a blockchain built with Cosmos SDK. It provides a decentralised, permission-less and censorship resistance blockchain. It is designed to be interoperable between different chains. Kava provides three main products; mint, lend and swap. Minting uses Kava protocol which provides quick stablecoin loans by staking their cryptoassets as collateral and receiving USDX stablecoin in exchange. Lending uses Hard protocol which provides an autonomous money market where users will be able to lend digital assets, borrow digital assets by using other digital assets as collateral and earn HARD governance token for using Kava Lend. Swapping is powered by SWP token where users can swap between digital assets to USDX stablecoin at a much lower fees than traditional swapping across blockchain method.

KAVA is the governance token in the Kava chain. It provides security as well as finality for loans across the Kava chain, and can also act as a store of value. As a governance token, KAVA holders have the rights to vote on Kava protocols. There is a maximum supply of 111.5 million KAVA token. 

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yield ventures, Hashkey, TRGC, UniValues Associates, Robot Ventures, Lemniscap, Hard Yaka, IOSG Ventures, Digital Asset Capital Management, 2020 Ventures.

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