Fair & Shared Digital Contents Ecosystem Enabled by Blockchain and AI

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What is KOK?

KOK is a decentralised platform that is fair, open, transparent and available to everyone. KOK addresses major problems faced by users and developers on traditional digital platforms such as unfair profit distribution, unexpected bans and information monopoly. Therefore, KOK aims to create a digital platform that is fair, transparent and without any monopoly by single body. KOK outlines three goals; equal and fair use of platform assets, share values, vision and fair profits, and enable and guarantee true creative freedom. There are four within the platform; service facilitator, service provider, creator and consumer.

KOK Token is the main currency used in KOK Chain. It is used for payment, ownership, distribution and compensation of content. KOK is also used as governance token for service facilitators who stake KOK tokens. A total of 5 billion KOK token is issued.

KOK Highlights

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