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The first cross-chain compatible, delta-one asset protocol

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What is Linear?

Linear Finance is a protocol that aims to increase inclusiveness and democratise access to investment assets, including both digital and traditional assets. The protocol is non-custodial and cross-chain compatible. It provides unlimited liquidity and serves in the creation of synthetic assets with zero slippage. Linear provides multiple DeFi products such as Linear Buildr for staking tokens to build stablecoin (LUSD), Linear Exchange for trading liquid assets, Linear Swap for transferring assets across different chains, and Linear Vault for passive income through yield farming.

LINA is the token used across all of Linear products and services. Linear serves multiple purposes which are as base collateral for creating liquid assets (synthetic), as staking reward through exchange fee, inflationary reward and yield farming. LINA is an ERC-20 token with a maximum supply of 10 billion tokens.

Linear Project Investors ($1.8M)

NGC Ventures, CMS Holdings, Hashed, Kinetic Capital.

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