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Cryptographic Infrastructure for Privacy Preserving Applications

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What is NuCypher?

NUCypher is a decentralised network of nodes that provide cryptographic services for key management systems and encryption. To provide such services, there are two roles within NUCypher, the Staker and the Worker. The staker can be understood in the traditional sense in which users hold NU tokens, stake their tokens to delegate a node, in this case the worker, and receive staking rewards. Meanwhile, the workers are participants in the network that carry out the threshold cryptography operations.

The NU tokens the native token in the NUCypher network. The use-case for this token is very straight forward. Stakers hold and stake their tokens to delegate workers to provide the cryptographic services. Meanwhile, workers are incentivised with NU tokens for maintaining the network. There is a maximum supply of around 3.9 billion NU token.

NuCypher Founders

MacLane Wilkison, Michael Egorov.

NuCypher Project Investors ($15.9M)

Polychain, Fenbushi Capital, BitFury Capital, CoinFund, Notation Capital, DHVC, Y Combinator Continuity Fund, Compound, Arrington XRP Capital, Bitamain.

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