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A Decentralized Blockchain Network for Health Data Sovereignty and Interoperability

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What is MediBloc?

MediBloc is a decentralised healthcare digital solution that are designed to solve wide range of problems that plague the current handling of medical data. MediBloc provides multiple products for both medical services and patients. These products are MediPass, Dr.palette and Blockchain-based decentralised identified (DID). MediPass is a mobile app that connects all medical records scattered through different hospitals. Dr.palette is a cloud-based EHR (electronic health record) solution that eases the data acquiring processes through feedback from medical practitioners. Blockchain-based DID provides a mean to validate and manage medical records.

MED is a QTUM chain-based token that is used as one of the token in the MediBloc ecosystem. MED is used when exchanging data, using MediBloc service as well as an incentive for new medical departments to enter into MediBloc ecosystem. Users may exchange, purchase, and trade MED in external exchanges. MED is an inflationary token, therefore it does not have a hard maximum cap.

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NAVER D2 Startup Factory, Hashed.

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