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What is Enzyme?

Enzyme is a decentralised asset management infrastructure that is built on Ethereum network. There are two main uses for Enzyme: Deposit and Build. Users who are too busy to think about the best DeFi investment may deposit their assets into Enzyme as it provides the best investment strategy with proven track record. Users still retain full custody of their assets. For those who wants to build and plan their own strategy, they may build their investment strategies on Enzyme as it has integrated with many DeFi projects. Users can also automate their strategies via enzymeSDK. These strategies can then be used by other users as well, with all of the asset management process done on-chain with security and scalability in mind. 

MLN is the utility token that powers the ecosystem and aligns stakeholders. It has two main utilities: medium of payment for usage within Enzyme and rewards for developers or contributors that submit for a grant. MLN tokenomics is still being studied and therefore its utilities may change in the near future. MLN is an ERC-20 token with no known maximum supply.

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