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A public, sharded, developer-friendly blockchain

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What is Near?

Near protocol is an open source, decentralized application (Dapp) protocol that aims to create a friendly platform for both users and developers. It addresses the issue of scalability and usability in the blockchain. Hence, a sharding design called Nightshade is introduced to solve the problem of scalability and stable fees. Nightshade uses a sharding approach which increases network capacity when nodes participation increase. Near protocol runs on Treshold Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. The consensus is designed to be fair by not incentivising pooling of large validators in order to encourage more participation. Node operators are paid from a fixed percentage of the security fees.

NEAR token is the native asset of Near protocol ecosystem. It is a governance token and is used as staking, and payment for transaction and storing data. 

Near Founders

AlexSkidanov, ilblackdragon.

Near Project Investors ($33.7M)

Andreessen Horowitz, MetaStable Capital, Accomplice, Blockchange Ventures, CoinFund, Pantera Capital, ZBS CAPITAL, Libertus Capital.

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