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What is NEXO?

NEXO provides financial services for digital assets. Users can borrow fiat money backed by their cryptoassets as collateral. The interest rates are set at a minimum of 6.9% and a maximum of 13.9% depending on the loyalty tier level. Repayment can be made by both crypto or fiat currency. Aside from borrowing, users can also earn interest up to 12% off their idle cryptoassets. This assets will be lent to retailers, businesses and institutions and the interest from those loans will be used to pay users. 

NEXO differentiates themselves with other conventional financial services by providing overcollateralised loan only. To receive higher interest rates, NEXO introduces the NEXO Token which is used to standardise loyalty tiers from basic to platinum. The higher the percentage ratio of NEXO tokens in a user account, the higher the loyalty tier of that account. Users can also earn higher interest rates by opting to receive the interest in NEXO Tokens.

NEXO Founders


NEXO Project Investors ($52.5M)

Erhan Bilici, Arrington XRP Capital.

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