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What is Numeraire?

Numerai Tournament is a tournament where users (usually data scientists) predict the stock market by building machine learning models on abstract financial data. Numerai provides the tools and libraries for users to develop their own models, and integrate into Numerai ecosystem to earn rewards. All these staked models of Numerai are combined to form the Meta Model which controls the capital of Numerai hedge fund across the stock market. Numerai incentivise each user to maximise their correlation score. However, Numerai wants to maximise its meta model correlation score, where the meta model is the staked weighted ensemble of all submission. 

NMR is the token used to stake on the Numerai Tournament. Users receive incentive in NMR based on the performance of their model. At the same time, users are required to stake NMR in order to stake their model into Numerai. There is a maximum of 11 million NMR tokens.

Numeraire Founders


Numeraire Project Investors ($27.5M)

Union Square Ventures, Paradigm, Placeholder, Dragonfly Capital Partners, CoinFund, Coefficient Ventures, Eric Ver Ploeg, Fred Ehrsam, Kenneth Ballenegger.


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