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What is Syntrophy?

Syntropy is an alternative connectivity layer for the current Internet. Internet today faces many issues such as security, privacy, governance, performance, reliability and resource utilisation. Syntropy aims to solve all these problems through its multitude of technological infrastructure which includes the use of Nominated Proof-of-Stake-based (NPoS) blockchain, encyption, optimised routing and an economic model to help foster Syntropy. One of the main features in Syntropy is Decentralised Autonomous Routing Protocol or DARP, used to understand and analyse internet pathways. DARP optimised the mesh network to contain only the most stable and best performing connections, therefore addressing the Internet routing protocol problem.

The native token in Syntropy is NOIA. Its main utility is as gas or transaction fees when using Syntropy or accessing the blockchain. This means for every bit of data routed through Syntropy, there will be some fees charged in NOIA. This fees will then be rewarded to validators who produce and finalise blocks, and nominators who stake their NOIA for the validators. NOIA is also used as the currency when using Syntropy. NOIA is an inflationary-based token and therefore does not have a maximum supply. 

Syntrophy Founders

Domantas Jaskunas, Domas Povilauskas, Justinas Valutavicius, William B. Norton.

Syntrophy Project Investors

5 BLOCKS CAPITAL, BlockWater Management.


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