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What is Ocean Protocol?

Ocean protocol is a platform for developers to develop Web3 Economy. They provide the necessary tools for developers to build data markets and also to manage data tokens which can be used for DeFi. In order to build data markets, developers can fork Ocean Market code or use Ocean tools. Ocean protocol provides JavaScript libraries and Python libraries for developers to publish, mint and deploy ERC-20 datatoken.

The utility token for Ocean protocol is OCEAN. It has multiple utilities including staking, governance and buying and selling data. Users earn rewards for staking OCEAN on data assets in the Ocean market. OCEAN holders are also able to vote for community projects to fund via the OceanDAO. This will help the Ocean platform to rise according to the Ocean community rather than a centralised party. In addition, OCEAN will act as a medium of exchange for buying and selling data in the Ocean market. There is a maximum supply of 1.4 billion OCEAN. 

Ocean Protocol Founders

trentmc0, BrucePon.

Ocean Protocol Project Investors ($28.1M)

Kosmos Ventures, IOSG Ventures, Fabric Ventures, Outlier Ventures, Zeroth.AI, Visary Capital, Nodex Capital, Bamboo Sea Ventures, Julian Sarokin, George Burke.

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