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What is Origin Protocol?

Origin Platform is a collection of products that aims to bring DeFi and NFT to the masses. These products are Origin NFT Launchpad and the Origin Dollar (OUSD). The Origin NFT Launchpad is unique in its own way as it provides multiple services unavailable in other NFT Launchpad. These services include custom branding for creators, better user experience for newcomers and the ability to purchase NFTs using credit and debit cards instead of just cyptocurrencies. The Origin Dollar is a stablecoin pegged 1:1 to the US Dollar. Through storing OUSD in their cryptocurrency wallet, users are able to earn passive income through yield earnings, without having to stake or lock their OUSD. Yield earnings from OUSD are done through two mechanism: lending and market making. 

OGN is the governance token in the Origin platform. It has two main utility; as governance token and value accrual token. OGN holders are able to create and vote on new proposals to govern the Origin protocol. At the same time, OGN holders benefit from the Origin products and services, as a portion of the revenues are used to buy back OGN, therefore creating a buying pressure on OGN which increases its value. There is a maximum supply of 1 Billion OGN.

Origin Protocol Founders

Josh Fraser, Matthew Liu.

Origin Protocol Project Investors ($38.2M)

Chain Capital, Kenetic, Kamal Ravikant, KBW Ventures, Foundation Capital, Alexis Ohanian, Gil Penchina, Cyber Capital, Randall Kaplan.


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