Premium Licensed Digital Collectible Marketplace

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What is ECOMI?

ECOMI is a digital marketplace to buy and sell premium licensed digital collectibles using Distributed Ledger Technology. ECOMI has two main components, the ECOMI Collect ecosystem and the ECOMI Secure Storage Wallet. 

ECOMI Collect is an application that allows users to trade digital collectibles and virtual goods. Users can then display their digital collectibles, showrooms and scenes and share with the ECOMI Collect community. Other users can comment and show appreciation, thus ECOMI Collect function as a social media platform. 

The ECOMI Secure Storage Wallet is a wireless, cold storage, hardware wallet. It does not connect directly to the internet,, thus protecting the digital assets from any malware or attacks. Users will be able to interact with the Secure Wallet using the free companion app, which allows the user to send or receive cryptocurrencies. 

The OMI Token is used as a currency for the transactions across ECOMI Collect. It is built on the GoChain network with the GO-20 token standard.

ECOMI Founders

David Yu.

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