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What is Orbs?

Orbs is an open, permissionless and public blockchain infrastructure that is designed for mass usage applications with close integration to EVM-based L1. Orbs is different from other blockchain which usually provides private and permissioned blockchain solutions. Orbs however are open and permissionless. In addition, it is decentralised and is maintained using Proof of Stake consensus. Orbs provides the perfect mix of performance, cost, security and ease of use, with the added benefits of harnessing the power of community, decentralisation and distribution. The technological innovations that make Orbs stand out amongst the rest are Virtual Chains, PoS over Ethereum, Cross-Chain Interoperability, Non-Deterministic Execution, Web Oracles and Off-Chain Interoperability. 

Orbs is powered by the ORBS token. Main utility of ORBS is as a medium of exchange for the services on the Orbs platform. Since Orbs network is based on Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, the network validators are required to stake ORBS and are incentivised with ORBS. There is a maximum supply of 10 billion ORBS token. 

Orbs Founders

Daniel Peled, Netta Korin, Tal Kol, Uriel Peled.

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