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A decentralized market for anonymous communication and virtual private networking (VPN)

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What is Orchid?

Orchid is a decentralised VPN application with various unique features for users. Key features in Orchid include crypto-powered, nanopayment system, traffic analysis, multi-hop, randomised servers and unlimited sharing. Orchid differentiates itself from other VPN services such as having no subscriptions, tracking-free (does not track informations from users), open source, decentralised through widely distributed servers, unblock website and apps, and flexible. 

OXT is the utility token used in Orchid. Its main purpose is to connect with more users through staking. Node providers are incentivised to stake more OXT as it allows them to connect with more users. More stake means more possible connections to be established. There is a maximum of 1 billion OXT.

Orchid Founders

Brian Fox, Jay Freeman, Stephen Bell, Steven (Seven) Waterhouse.

Orchid Project Investors ($47.8M)

Compound, Threshold, Andreessen Horowitz, Kenetic, Sequoia Capital, MetaStable Capital, Blockchain Capital, Polychain, Visary Capital, BoxGroup.

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