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What is PlayDapp?

PlayDapp is a decentralised application (dApp) gaming portal that provides a peer-to-peer gaming item marketplace. PlayDapp allows game developers to port their existing games into PlayDapp portal therefore converting it into dApp without the need of any blockchain knowledge. The developers only need to provide the SDK. Besides porting games, PlayDapp also provide a digital marketplace for users to trade in-game NFT items with each other. 

Since most in-game NFTs today are usable in only the game they are built on, the value of these NFTs will drop once the game no longer retains their players. Every game has their own Product Life Cycle (PLC). PlayDapp addresses this issue by integrating NFT into multiple games making it interoperable on the PlayDapp platform. Players will be able to utilise their NFT into new games therefore benefitting the users, helping in promoting new games and strengthening the PlayDapp ecosystem. 

PLA is the native utility token on the PlayDapp platform. Game developers earn PLA for each in-game purchases, paid by players in PLA. PlayDapp will take a small fee of around 2.5 percent for each completed transaction. There is a total of 700 million PLA tokens in circulation.


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