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Decentralized web 3.0 blockchain interoperability

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What is Polkadot?

Polkadot was founded by Gavin Wood, who co-founded Ethereum and the creator of Solidity, Ethereum's language of programming. Polkadot run by Web3 Foundation and developed by Parity Technologies.

Polkadot unites multiple blockchains into a single ecosystem by introducing cross-chain interoperability; which allows any blockchain, be it public or private, permissioned or permissionless, as well oracles and decentralized apps to communicate with each other and be connected in a trustless way under a single decentralized Polkadot network, called the Polkadot Relay Chain. Polkadot makes blockchain scalable and customizable.

Dot is the native currency for Polkadot and uses three main things; governance, staking and bonding.

Polkadot Founders

gavofyork, rphmeier, keornion .

Polkadot Project Investors ($293.7M)

IOSG Ventures, CoinFund, NON-fungible Chan, 8 Decimal Capital, Kenzi Wang, Fundamental Labs, AU21 Capital, Placeholder, Hashkey, Cognisa Capital.